The Daylight Moon:
Rosalie Gascoigne and Lake George

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, NSW, 26 June – 22 August 2015
Curator: Glenn Barkley
Associate Curator: Ivan Muñiz Reed

Rosalie GascoigneWool Clip, 1995. Sawn wood on plywood, 71.5 × 93 cm, Private Collection, Sydney. Image courtesy Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery © the artist's estate

About the exhibition:

Between Goulburn and Canberra lies the spectacular landscape of Lake George where the colour of the land shifts and flickers under a big dramatic sky. Full of drama and air, this landscape was of particular visual and symbolic interest to Canberra based artist Rosalie Gascoigne.

Lake George looms large in the artist inner imaginings and her formal sensibility was partly honed through driving through the landscape on the search for materials - ‘Driving in the country was drawing for her…’.

Lake George was a place she often came back to as subject and it appears with regularity throughout her oeuvre from the early Feathered Fence and Pale Landscape through to later panel works where the imagery and components are stripped down to geometric, worn fields of tonal grays, whites and silver, as if lit by the ‘daylight moon’ mentioned by poet David Campbell; and like the landscape too, her work has a spare intense sincerity.

The Daylight Moon is on at GRAG from 26 June – 22 August 2015 and will focus exclusively on Gascoigne's body of work made in response to Lake George and its surrounds, highlighting the artist's close links to this space, its agricultural history and the elements of deep time, weather and geography that shape both the land and the artist’s sensibility

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