National Visual Arts Showcase 2015

Right Here Now: 
a powerful regional voice in our democracy

Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House,  17 November 2015 - March 2016
Curators: Ivan Muñiz Reed, Holly Williams, Glenn Barkley

Chayni Henry Uneven Ground, 2015, synthetic polymer paint on board, 60x90 cm. Courtesy the artist; photography by David Lawrey.

About the exhibition:

Right Here Now celebrates the diversity and strength of contemporary art being created across the country through the work of seven established and seven early-career artists/artist collectives. An initiative of Regional Arts Australia, Right Here Now recognises the importance of creative practices beyond the metropolitan areas and provides an opportunity for regional, rural and remote artists to inspire new audiences and form invaluable connections with one another.

Presented within the context of the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, Right Here Now champions the freedom of expression, ideals of equality and the many different cultures that make up our nation. The participating artists are partnered together in a fluid mentorship structure, which reflects their multiplicity of approaches – some take their inspiration from the beauty of their surroundings and moments in their daily lives and others from the social and cultural narratives of their communities. 

Participating artists are Bonnie Weidenbach, Brian Robinson, Chayni Henry, Chris de Rosa, David Collins, Donna Fortescue, Ebony Heidenreich, Jessie Pangas, Jimmy Thaiday, Linda Botham, Raymond Arnold, Rick Ball, Sandra Hill, Taya Biggs, Jade Cicak, Neil Mitchell, Joseph Newman and Tahlia Philp.

Launched by Edmund Capon AM, OBE on Tuesday 17 November at 6pm, King's Hall, Old Parliament House, Canberra.   


press coverage

Sydney Morning Herald, review by John McDonald, January 2016
Canberra Times, review by Sasha Grishin, November 2015
ABC online, December 2015

Supported by Regional Arts Australia. The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative that supports sustainable cultural development in regional, remote and very remote Australia.