runway australian experimental art
issue #27: Outside

Guest Editor: Glenn Barkley

Runway Australian Experimental Art journal invited Glenn Barkley as Guest Editor of Issue #27, which considers the theme 'outiside'. The issue was launched at the Cementa Festival in Kandos, NSW, in April 2015.

Outside is a multifarious and flexible term that in art terms suggests, or even partly delineates, the interior as much as the exterior. But outside of what?

Outside can mean ‘outsider’ art made by the untrained, the un-cynical, or people outside the art systems of market, museums, galleries and audiences. It can also relate to art from regional environments made by artists or craftspeople who are outside – either by choice or circumstance – the mainstream art world of the metropolis. Or it could be just wandering around looking at things – buildings, sculptures, flowers, shops, water features, rocks, memorials, gardening maybe – all these things are outside.

Outside is where it all might be happening and it’s time to get out there and have a look.

Runway Issue #27 includes contributions by Josie Cavallaro & Kristina Tito, Joel Draper, Danielle Freakley, Steve Harrison, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Lana Lopesi, Ian Milliss, Katie Milton and Malcolm Whittaker; and features artists Melissa Deerson, John Demos, Alana Hunt, Kate Just, Rebecca Orchard and Alex Pye.

Melissa Deerson  ,   Pigeon Project  , 2014.   Image courtesy and   © the artist

Melissa DeersonPigeon Project, 2014. Image courtesy and © the artist