Objects in Space: Artists in the Garden

Peacock Art Gallery and Auburn Botanic Gardens, Auburn | 6 August -23 October 2016
Curator: Glenn Barkley

Christopher Hodges, Garden installation view. Image courtesy the artist. Photography: Document Photography

About the exhibition:

The great English landscape designer Russell Page described Japanese gardens as a demonstration of ‘the relationship between objects in space.’ 

Using this as a cue Objects in Space: Artists in the Garden considers the influence of both ‘the garden’ and Japanese aesthetics on contemporary art forms. It explores the botanical as a source of inspiration to makers and the ongoing Anglo-Japanese tradition that underpin much contemporary craft with a particular emphasis on ceramics. 

Spread across the garden itself and into the Peacock gallery the show turns on the relationships between the inside and outside bring the garden into the gallery space and the gallery space in to the garden. 

Lastly it considers the garden as an object in itself and asks audiences to consider the relationships between plants – foliage, flower, texture and shape – and sculptural incursions into the garden as a way of articulating form, time and space.

Particpating artists:
Merran Esson; Steve Harrison; Christopher Hodges; Audrey D’Mello; Keiko Matsui; Mitsui Shoji; Abdullah M. I. Syed; Garry Trinh; Toni Warburton; Cameron Williams; Woollen Fernery Project.