Names and places

Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, 12  29 August 2009
Curator: Ivan Muñiz Reed

Joaquin Segura,  Annihilation , 2007. Installation view,  Names and Places , Firstdraft, Sydney, 2009. Image courtesy and © the artist. Photo: Ella Condon

Joaquin Segura, Annihilation, 2007. Installation view, Names and Places, Firstdraft, Sydney, 2009. Image courtesy and © the artist. Photo: Ella Condon

about the exhibition:

Names and Places was a collaborative exhibition centred on a dialogue-based curatorial model. Nine artists, six from Mexico and three from Australia, used a public online forum to transparently and democratically conceive the artworks, design the exhibition layout and develop all other materials relating to the exhibition. While on one hand the exhibition acted as a bridging device, introducing the artistic communities of each country to a different cultural framework, the project also explored the problems and possibilities inherent in communicating in a 'global' art-world. The title Names and Places is a reference to the process of meeting and considering the complex politics of site and situation.

Names and Places considered the 'exhibition' as a medium for artistic and cultural production, and the models of the artist collective and group show as social sites of communicative exchange.

The artists included were Artemio, Esteban Aldrete, Pia Camil, Renato Garza-Cervera, Biljana Jancic, Ella Neville, Benjamin Ryan, Joaquin Segura and Marion Sosa.