media coverage

Gina Fairley, Career Spotlight: Curator, ArtsHub, 24 July 2017
Anna May Kirk, Art we heart, FBI Radio, 18 February 2016
Gina Fairley, The Curators' Department - old or new model?, ArtsHub, 13 March 2015

behind the lines 2017: the three-ring circus

Ron Cerabona, David Rowe named 2017 political cartoonist of the year at Behind the Lines, The Canberra Times, 24 November 2017
Clare Colley, David Rowe has been named political cartoonist of the year by Behind the Lines, The Australian Financial Review, 24 November 2017
Dan Bourchier, Why are political cartoons so important for politics? Hear how the 2017 Cartoonist of the Year David Rowe was chosen, Breakfast, ABC Radio Canberra, 24 November 2017
Jennifer Rajca, Cartoons capture crazy Canberra circus, The West Australian, 24 November 2017

look at me looking at you: UQ national self-portrait prize

C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia, Australian artist Jenny Orchard wins UQ Art Museum's National Self-Portrait Prize 2017, Art Radar, 11 November 2017
Tiarney Miekus, Jenny Orchard Wins National Self-Portrait Prize 2017, Art Guide Australia, 10 November 2017
Phil Brown, Mirror Image, Courier Mail's Brisbane News section, 24 January 2018

joaquin segura and tony garifalakis: Repertoires of contention

Hudson Brown, Joaquin Segura and Tony Garifalakis: Repertoires of Contention, Concrete Playground, 11 October 2017
Sonia Avila, Repertorios de Contencion, El Excelsior, 29 September 2017
Andrea Candiani, SBS Italian, 11 October 2017

something else is alive: sydney and the animal instinct

Anna Clark & Tamson Pietsch, Curation: Setting the scene with Holly Williams, GLAMCity on Radio 2ser, 24 September 2017
Kate Evans, Something else is alive: art exhibition explores animals in the city, Books and Arts, Radio National, 19 September 2017
Kathleen Linn, Review: Something Else is Alive, Art+Australia Online, August 2017
Artist goes to bat for hangers-on, National Indigenous Times, 23 August 2017
Bailey Haggarty in 'Something Else is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct', Blouin ArtInfo, 15 August 2017
Sevin Pakbaz, The secret lives of animals, Central News, 14 August 2017
Elizabeth Fortescue, Assistant director of seagulls Bailey Haggarty's barque is worse than his bite, The Daily Telegraph, 10 August 2017
Something Else is Alive: Sydney and the Animal Instinct', Art Almanac, 28 July 2017

A Working Model of the World TOuring exhibition

Alexia Giacomazzi Holly Williams on Conjuring Future Worlds, FBI Radio, June 6th 2017
Patrick Hartigan A Working Model of the World, The Saturday Paper, 1 July 2017
Peter Munro UNSW exhibition reveals a model case of murder and injustice, The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 May 2017
Gail Priest A Working Model of the World: A Meta Show of Models, Realtime, 18 July 2017

The Gift: art, artefacts and arrivals

Sally Pryor, Museum of Australian Democracy exhibition looks at migration through Holocaust survivors' eyes, Canberra Times, 19 February 2018.
Drive with Laura Tchilinguirian, 'The Gift: Art, Artefacts and Arrivals' exhibition at MOAD, ABC Radio, 13 February 2018

alison alder - onetoeight: australia's first prime ministers

Tim Shaw, New exhibit takes contemporary look at our early Prime Ministers, 2CC Canberra, 28 February 2017
Karen Hardy, The first Prime Ministers as poster boys at Museum of Australian Democracy, The Canberra Times, 28 February 2017
Dan Bourchier, What do you know about Australia's first eight Prime Ministers? New exhibition opens at Old Parliament House, ABC Radio Canberra Breakfast, 28 February 2017

Intrinsic properties/inherent vice

Chloe Mandryk, Intrinsic Properties, Art Almanac, February 2017

CREATIVE ACCOUNTING Touring exhibition

Sarah Kanowski, Creative Accounting, Books & Arts, ABC RN, 11 November 2016
UQ Art Museum, An intriguing tale of art and money, 28 September 2016
Rachel Arndt, Showcase, Museums & Galleries of NSW, 20 September 2016

jon rose: the museum goes live

Angus McPherson, Review: The Museum Goes Live, Limelight Magazine, 29 October 2016
Andrew Ford, Jon Rose's extraordinary violins, The Music Show, ABC RN, 30 October 2016
Angus McPherson, Music vs capitalism, ghosts in machines, RealTime Arts, October-November 2016
Nick Galvin, Jon Rose uncovers sounds of a city, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 November 2016

at the junction of two rivers

Nick Grimm, At the Junction of Two Rivers Art Festival Wellington, Wellington Times, 21 October 2016

ajit ninan: cartoonist to the world's largest democracy

Ian Warden, Ajit Ninan: Cartoonist to the World's Biggest Democracy opens at Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra Times, 29 September 2016
Alex Sloan, Ajit Ninan, David Pope and Holly Williams, Afternoons, 666 ABC Radio Canberra, 22 September 2016
Beverly O'Connor, Indian cartoonist Ajit Ninan hosts exhibition to help bridge cultural ties, The World, ABC TV, 26 September 2016
Caitlyn Seymour-King, Ajit Ninan: The Searing Art of Political Commentary, Art Monthly Australasia, 25 September 2016


Kate McIlwain UOW celebrates sporting history with new hall of fame Illawarra Mercury 7 July 2016

objects in space: artists in the garden

Maisy Stapleton, Arts Thursday, 89.7 Eastside FM, 22 September 2016
Limelight Magazine, Objects in Space: Artists in the Garden, 6 August 2016
Museums & Galleries of NSW, Interview: Glenn Barkley, 16 September 2016

Yoshua Okón: Octopus 

Luke Letorneau, Yoshua Okón: Octopus, Art Almanac (feature), September 2016


Ceramic art exhibition, Manly Daily, 26 March 2016

right here now: National Visual Arts Showcase

Sydney Morning Herald, review by John McDonald, January 2016
Canberra Times, review by Sasha Grishin, November 2015
ABC online, December 2015

installation contemporary

Blouin Artinfo, September 2015
Australian Financial Review, September 2015
Sydney Contemporary Blog, September 2015
ArtsHub, September 2015
Huffington Post, September 2015

Time Out Sydney, September 2015

the daylight moon: rosalie gascoigne and lake george

Sydney Morning Herald, July 2015
Artguide Australia, July 2015
The Culture Concept Circle, July 2015
The Canberra Times, December 2015

turn turn turn: The studio ceramics tradition at the National Art School

The Art Life, June 2015
Raven, June 2015
Arts Hub, June 2015
The Australian, July 2015
ARTAND, July 2015
BURO 24/7, July 2015
Weekend Notes, July 2015
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trace recordings

Andrew Frost, The Guardian, 18 November 2013,  Artists use surveillance technology to explore extent we are monitored
Kate Britton, Raven, 7 November 2013, Group show review: Trace Recordings
Chloe Wolfison, Review: Trace Recordings
Andrew Frost, the art life Trace Recordings

living in the ruins of the twentieth century

Tracey Clement, ArtGuide Australia, 24 July 2013, Living in the Ruins of the Twentieth Century
Carrie Miller, The Art Life, 19 April 2013, Living in the Ruins of the Twentieth Century

swedish for argument

Andrew Frost, The Art Life, 19 October 2012, Swedish for Argument
Ella Mudie, Real Time, issue 113, Swedish for Argument
Imran Ahmad, Artlink, vol 33 no 1, 2013, Swedish for Argument

creative accounting (UTS, 2011)

Ginny Gordon, Timeout Sydney, Creative Accounting [pdf link]
Christine Morrow, South Sydney Herald, Show us the money  [pdf link]

lines lions lies

Ivan Muñiz Reed, Runway Issue 17, Bababa International: Without Right Angles

names and places

Sandra Di, Das Platforms, Ivan Muñiz Reed - Names and Places, 31 August 2009