Hector zamora in 'Civic Actions: artists’ practices beyond the museum'

Published by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Available in July 2016

Ivan Muñiz Reed has been commissioned by the MCA Australia to write a substantial text on the practice of Mexican artist Hector Zamora for the upcoming C3West publication, which will be available in July 2016. The publication will build on 'Civic Actions: Artists’ Practices Beyond the Museum', a conference convened by the MCA in September 2015 that focused on the possibilities of artistic practice in public space. 

With contributions by key international figures including Nato Thompson, Chief Curator, Creative Time, New York, USA; Claire Doherty, Director, Situations, Bristol, UK; Jun Yang, artist, Austria; Michel Tuffery artist, New Zealand and Australians Brook Andrew, Zanny Begg, Blair French, Janet Laurence, Anne Loxley and Ivan Muñiz Reed, this book will be a research-focused publication, providing critical and innovative insight into socially engaged contemporary art.