Franck Gohier

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory | 3 February - 1 July 2018
Curator: Glenn Barkley

Frank Gohier, Cowgirl and Ringer, 2004. Synthetic polymer paint, tuna cans, nails and buttons on Ironwood and Stringybark. Artbank collection, purchased 2005. Image courtesy and © the artist

about the exhibition:

"Gohier’s work reflects the diversity of views and cultures in Darwin, while also extending outwards in to the world. It could only come out of the Darwin culture, and Gohier is right in the middle of this mélange: now no longer such an avid participant as he once was, but rather a ‘senior established artist’; a sage like, bemused onlooker."
Glenn Barley, Missing in action: Franck Gohier, Sturgeon Magazine, issue 3, 2014

Currently under development, the exhibition will showcase paintings, prints and sculptures by Gohier. The exhibition is set to take place in the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in 2018.